In India, these Lotus seeds are commonly referred to as Makhana. Usually people consume it during their fasts or even use it as an ingredient in Indian cuisines or sweet dishes. However, not many people are aware of its health benefits and nutritional value. It is a recommended dietary supplement and is easily available in the market. You can find it in any grocery store and has a very good shelf life and therefore can be stored for a long time in an air tight container. Just ensure that you keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture. These seeds can be consumed raw or cooked depending on the taste. Apart from being a nutritious snack, it can also be used as medicine as it was being used in the medieval times. The essential micronutrients found in lotus seeds are of vast importance to the human body.


Makhana is known by many names. Lotus Seeds, Fox Nut, Euryale Ferox, Gorgon nut etc. These seeds are basically from the plant that falls in the Nelumbo genus. These seeds are of great value in the Asian medicine and cuisine. These seeds are commonly shelled, dried and then sold in the market. These lotus seeds are found commercially and in brown peel or white categories. The brown peel lotus seed is reaped once the head of the kernel of lotus is nearly or fully ripe, however, the white kind of lotus seed is reaped when the kernel head is fully green but has fully developed seeds. The seeds and the skin of the white lotus seed are always removed. The brown peel Lotus seeds are brownish in color as the fully developed seeds have adhered to the skin making it gross brown. These are very hard and can only be separated by splitting the seeds in half.

Nutritional Value of Makhana

Lotus seeds are low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium. They are an extremely good source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamin, protein and phosphorus. 100 grams of lotus seed will give you 350 calories, which means about 65 grams of carbs, 18 grams protein, and 1.9 to 2.5 grams of fat. The remaining is made up of water, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium. These are high in fiber, which helps maintaining the excretory tract in proper order. It helps to eliminate all the spleen from the body and keeps it clean from the unnecessary cholesterol, therefore, maintaining the body’s cholesterol level. The potassium content is a great advantage for heart as it reduces the risk of heat stroke and hypertension. It is helpful in flushing out excess water and sodium from the body. It is of a great help in case there are muscle contractions, which can lead to cramps. The thiamine content in lotus seeds are helpful in sustaining the healthy cognitive functions of the nerves. Lotus seed intake helps in the generation of Acetylcholine which is required for the purpose of neurotransmission.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams

350 Calories 

0.1g Total Fat 

77g Total Carbohydrate 

9.7g Protein


Health Benefits of Makhana


The first and foremost advantage of consuming lotus seeds is that it acts as an anti-aging agent. The enzymes that exist in these Lotus seeds are expected to obstruct the aging process. The enzymes that assist in fixing and preserving the impaired proteins are found in the lotus seed in high quantity.

Healthy protein

Lotus seeds are known as a great source of protein which is extremely beneficial to the body. Doctors even recommend the intake of lotus seeds to combat protein deficiency in the bod

Low glycemic index

Lotus seed’s excellent property is that it is low on GI, so it will slowly and gradually release the energy levels to your body so that you remain energetic throughout the day. It will keep away stress and keep your mind hale and healthy

Heart diseases

Lotus seed contains an abundant amount of magnesium which is the highest channel blocker and significantly improves the blood and oxygen. They also help in the flow of other important nutrients. Low magnesium levels can put your body at risk of heart attacks. Its consumption leads to a dramatic change in heart condition as the content of folate and magnesium reduce the risk of diseases linked with coronary heart diseases

Weight loss

Food items that have a low glycemic index leave you feeling full and satisfied, eventually leading to weight loss

Alternative medicine

As per traditional Chinese medicine, Makhana is extremely beneficial to strengthen the kidneys and spleen. Additionally, it helps in disorders like erectile dysfunction and arthritis. It is full of antioxidant properties which aid in digestion and rejuvenates the entire respiratory system and prevents excessive and frequent urination

These Lotus seeds have the ability to regulate and handle the unnerving condition of insomnia as it has a natural sedative consequence


The metabolic disorder accompanied by high blood sugar levels is diabetes which is the result of the inappropriate working of the pancreas, which discharges the insulin hormone. Lotus seed contains vital proteins and starch which is great for the health of a diabetic


It is extremely helpful in getting rid of diarrhea. Lotus seeds are known to stop prolonged diarrhea since it contains a high quantity of caustic quality which if consumed can even improve the appetite

Enhance Sexual Performance

Consuming lotus seed can enhance the sex life of men due to the increase of sperm quantity whereas, in women, it greatly helps in increasing the fertility

Beneficial for blood pressure

A person suffering from hypertension, stress and blood pressure can be extremely benefitted by consuming makhana as the high potassium helps in decreasing the same


The high amount of calcium in Lotus seed is highly recommended for people suffering from 1

Uses of Makhana

Apart from the nutritional health benefits provided by the lotus seed, there are other uses as well. It has been used as an inducing agent in cosmetic products so that the product can promote anti-aging. Additionally, lotus seeds are a common snacking item as it is low in carbohydrates, fat and sugar, which mean binging on it between the meal times, will surely not promote weight gain. You can add honey, salt, butter, or any flavor of your choice. Also, it is in demand due to its excellent content of nutrients and phytonutrients. It is extensively exported from China to the world. It compensates for the loss of primary nutrients required for the functioning of your body. So you can snack on it freely as there is nothing you can lose. Makhana is an important constituent of an incredible curry recipe made with the stems of a lotus flower. Other popular dishes include ‘Makhane ki kheer’ which is prepared in the ‘Mithila culture’ which belongs to the state of Bihar in India.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Makhana
Lotus seeds have to be consumed in moderation as excessive consumption may lead to side effects for some people. Some of the side effects that have come to light are allergies, gastrointestinal issues, spikes in insulin levels, etc. There could be lotus seed allergies possible in many people, so if you feel uneasy or any other symptom, you can consult your physician and discontinue its usage for a while. People suffering from diabetes should consult their dietician and physician before consuming Lotus seed. It tends to bring down blood sugar levels. Excessive


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