Siridhanya Export


Foxnut Exporter & Supplier

Welcome to Siridhanya Export, your premier source for the finest quality foxnuts (makhana) from the heart of India. As the largest foxnuts exporter in Delhi, India, we are dedicated to delivering excellence, freshness, and nutritional richness to our valued customers worldwide.

A Tradition of Excellence:

At Siridhanya Export, our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation for the health benefits and delicious taste of foxnuts. From the lush fields of India to your kitchen, we strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and authenticity, ensuring that every foxnut you receive reflects the purity and goodness of nature.

Product Specifications

ParameterMakhana SeedsPopped Makhana
Carbohydrate (% by weight)57.079.8
Protein (% by weight)7.28.7
Fat (% by weight)0.30.5
Moisture (% by weight)34.710.4
Total Ash (% by weight)0.30.4
Crude Fiber (% by weight)0.50.2
Amylose (%)19.018.2
Calorific Value (K.cals/100g)259358
Phosphorus (mg/100g)66.153.2
Potassium (mg/100g)35.642.0
Iron (mg/100g)0.81.4
Calcium (mg/100g)9.518.5
Magnesium (mg/100g)11.313.9
Sodium (mg/100g)48.271.0
Copper (mg/100g)0.30.5
Manganese (mg/100g)0.91.3
Zinc (mg/100g)0.91.1