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Red Chilli Exporter & Supplier

At Siridhanya Export, we understand the importance of sourcing the finest red chillies to ensure exceptional flavor and heat. We work closely with trusted farmers in India’s chilli-growing regions, handpicking only the freshest and most flavorful chillies for our discerning customers. Our stringent quality assurance processes guarantee that every batch of red chillies meets our exacting standards before it leaves our facilities.

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

With a vast network of logistics partners and a deep understanding of international trade dynamics, we seamlessly cater to clients around the globe. Whether you’re looking for the fiery intensity of Indian Guntur chillies or the smoky richness of Kashmiri chillies, we offer a diverse range to suit your culinary preferences and requirements.

Name / Type of ChilliDescriptionASTA color valueCapsaicin
Bird’s eye chilli(dhani)Blood red in color, highly pungent41.70.59%
Byadagi(kaddi)Red color, less pungency or without pungency156.9Negligible
Ellachipur sannam-S4 typeReddish in color and very hot70.40.20%
Guntur sannam-S4 typeSkin thick,hot and red32.10.23%
Hindpur-S7Red in color,hot and highly pungent330.24%
JwalaHighly pungent, light red in color, short and the seeds are pungent 0.40%
Kanthari (white)Short and ivory white in color with high pungency2.960.50%
Kashmiri ChilliLong, fleshy, deep red in color54.10.33%
Madhya Pradesh G.T.sannamRed in color and pungent  
Madras PariPure red in color and hot73.820.21%
Madhya Pradesh G.T.sannamRed in color and pungent  
Madras PariPure red in color and hot73.820.21%
NagpurRed in color and pungent  
NalchettiRed in color and extremely pungent77.030.12%
MunduRed and hot  
Sangli sannam-S4typeLight red in color and hot73.550.22%
Sattur-S4Red in color, pungent with thick skin59.10.24%
S9 MunduTomato red in color with fairly good pungency  
Tadapally-big longRed in color, less pungent, thick skin80.30.11%
Tomato chilli(Warangal chappatta)Deep red and less pungent125.260.17%